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Private Investigators FAQ

What is Surveillance?

Surveillance is the systematic ongoing collection, collation, and analysis of data and the timely dissemination of information to those who need to know so that action can be taken.
Investigating a cheating spouse/mate is a delicate matter. Several important factors need to be considered before hand, to increase the odds of getting the proof you are seeking, and to ensure that what the investigator finds is going to meet your needs.
If you are trying to establish infidelity and prove fault on the part of your spouse for purposes of gaining an advantage in a divorce action, more time, documentation and investigative work will be required. This will always involve preparing a very detailed report, making proper identification of the other person and likely conducting multiple days of surveillance demonstrating this behavior to show a pattern or get the footage that proves they are more than just "friends". 

What is GPS tracking?

A GPS tracking unit is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the location of a vehicle, person, or other asset which it is attached and to record the position at regular intervals. The recorded location data can be stored within the tracking unit, or it may be transmitted to a central location data base, or internet-connected computer, using a cellular (GPRS), radio, or satellite modem embedded in the unit. This allows the location to be displayed against a map backdrop either in real-time or when analyzing the track later, using customized software.

How can it help your investigation?

The use of the GPS tracking system is an important resource which allows for invaluable information during mobile surveillance when someone can not be effectively followed without risk of being spotted. Though GPS is a valuable tool, it is not a replacement for experience and training. It does provide our investigators with detailed location histories. This history allows an investigator to view the activities that occurred while the GPS unit was in place. It can be used to plan an investigative strategy or to help you keep track of your children, spouse or employee.

Can you retieve data from a computer?
Computer forensics/data recovery involves the acquisition, preservation, analysis, and presentation of computer evidence. This type of evidence is fragile and can easily, even inadvertently, be altered, destroyed, or rendered inadmissible as evidence. Computer evidence must be properly obtained, preserved, and analyzed to be accepted as reliable and valid in a court of law. Our private investigators along with our computer forensics experts have many years of experience in confidentially evaluating your computer forensics needs.

To preserve the integrity of case evidence, forensic investigators do not work on the original files themselves. Instead, they create an exact replica of the files and work on this image to ensure that the original files remain intact.

To verify the files they are working on have not been altered, investigators can compare a hash of the original files at the time they were seized with a hash of the imaged files used in the investigation. Hashing provides mathematical validation that a forensic image exactly matches the contents of the original computer.

We provide complete forensic services. These include: electronic discovery consultation; onsite seizure of the evidence; thorough processing of the evidence; interpretation of the results; reporting the results in an understandable manner.

Through use of the latest technology and techniques, Adam and Eve provides cutting edge services such as computer forensics and technology related investigations by licensed Private Investigators and Certified computer engineers.

CHILD CUSTODY - What are my options?

Divorce and separation is a very difficult, distressing and complicated situation. However, the most important issue surrounding the breakup of a relationship is the well being of your beloved children. It can be even worse when you suspect your children are being placed into an environment which is less than desirable or unknown.

Our investigations can reveal evidence of child abuse, child neglect, cohabitation with children present, drug/alcohol abuse, and direct involvement of your child by other persons with notorious backgrounds or lifestyles who may have been introduced by the other parent. Our Investigators can also find out whether a parent indulges in reckless driving, criminal activity, alcoholism, neglect, or other activities that may affect a child's welfare. Based on the information and evidence gathered, parents and courts can determine what to do to ensure the child safety. A private investigator's findings always have more credence in court than a parent's accusations, so if you have any suspicions, a qualified professional investigator is essential.

Discreet Surveillance
Comprehensive Background Investigations
Interviews & Statements
Internet Profiling & Email Tracking
Polygraph Services
If your attorney believes it's time to hire an investigator in preparation for a child custody battle in the courts, please contact us for a FREE consultation. We will work closely with your attorney and help them build an effective case for you.

Adam & Eve Investigations offers a wide range of support services for attorneys. Our professional team provides you with an invaluable resource because discreet domestic investigations are our specialty. Our investigators are experienced in obtaining valuable information in order to provide you with the bargaining power needed in divorce settlement negotiations and child custody disputes.
Adam & Eve successfully helps attorneys in several different legal areas, including witness locates and interviews with potential witnesses. The experience and resources of our investigators will save both time and money for you and your clients. Process Service is available throughout Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Our investigators are both diligent and creative in this all important first step.  Investigators are persistent and determined even when an individual of interest to your case does not want to be found. We strictly adhere to the Private Investigators Code of Ethics to ensure that professionalism is never compromised.

Skip Traces or missing persons-
Are you looking for someone such as a deadbeat dad, a birth parent, a family member or even a long lost friend? A private investigator can help you find this person. Private investigators have the expertise to get the job done and get it done fast.

What information do I need?
In order for a private investigator to find a missing person you will need to provide them with as much information as possible. It would be helpful if you could provide the private investigator with name, date of birth, social security number, age, last address known or anything else that you might consider helpful. However, if all you can provide is a name a private investigator can still find the person you are looking for, even if they have remarried. Just keep in mind that the less information you have the longer it might take for the private investigator to find the person you are looking for. It is also much harder for the private investigator to find someone if they are running from the law. Though, no matter what the circumstances the private investigator will exhaust all resources in order to find who you are looking for.

How do they find the person I am looking for?
A private investigator has a number of different resources that the “common person” does not have access to. Private investigators have access to the most modern technology and databases that will help provide the information they are looking for. Some of these databases can only be used by private investigators, so the “common person” would never have access to this information. They also have easier access to the large amounts of public records and information that is out there. Plus, last but not least, the skills they have acquired over the years as a private investigator gives them a great advantage over someone who doesn’t have the professional experience.

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