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Arizona private investigator
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What does a Background check consist of?

Our investigators collect, interpret, and arrange information gathered through a widespread base of industry sources and computer searches. The final result is then presented in a background check report that provides a complete profile of the individual or company being investigated. Background Check categories and searches include, but are not limited to:

Criminal & Civil Background Check
Assumed Names  
Property Background Check
Marital Record Background Check
Employment & Credential Check
Pre-Employment Background Check
Premarital Background Check
Child Custody Investigations
Asset Search / Brokage
Sex Offender Checks
Professional Licenses
Auto Recovery Assistance                                        
Death Record Report
Person Finder Report
Business Search Report
Comprehensive Report (Personal)
Comprehensive Report (Business)

Bankruptcy Report
Civil Court Search
Criminal Court Search
Special Permit Search (i.e. Concealed Weapons)
Motor Vehicle Search                                                 
FAA Pilot Search FAA Aircraft Search
Property Search
Foreclosure Search
Liens/Judgment Search
Marriage/Divorce Search
Phone Number Search/Reverse
Voter Registration Search
Drivers Licenses Search
and more...    

   These Backgrounds are geared to be either comphrehensive reports on either individuals or businesses..  Tell me what you are looking to find out and why, we will come up with the best and most cost efficient way to construct your background.  I will get back to you quickly via call back or email, which ever is best for you.

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