How Much will an Investigation Cost?



At Adam & Eve Investigations, we have very competitive rates. We are not the cheapest but the value of hiring us over similar priced agencies is incredibly high. Make sure you hire the right private detective. Many private investigators have hidden and surprise costs. Our pricing is explained up front. We do not have any hidden pricing. Like most private detective agencies we work off retainers and have minimum charges. We have flat rates for multiple requests, insurance carriers, corporate clients and attorneys.


Competitive Rates 75.00/hr
Confidential Payment
No Hidden Charges
Invoicing Available


Call or E-Mail today and we will send you a discreet quote on your requested service. All quotes are sent back immediately. We respond to e-mails within the same day. There is no charge for consultation. Call 24 hours a day 7days a week.

How Much do we Charge?

It can be difficult to get a straight answer on the cost of a job, all investigations are different,but with Adam & Eve Investigations there will be no confusion. We will tell you exactly how much our charges are and whether it is at an hourly rate or on a set fee.


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