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We have includes a few useful links to external websites to help you find what you are looking for:


  •  Kristi M. Morley ..  Morley's legal practice focuses on her clients              personal needs. Whether advocating in a courtroom, negotiating a              settlement agreement, or preparing legal documents to protect your            interests, every action we take has one purpose—to achieve your goals. 


  • AZ DPS Licensing Unit..    Check any Investigator and/or Investigative Company out at this site. Make sure who you hire actually has a License with the state of AZ.


  • Free AZ Sex Offender      Try this FREE, quick, and easy, sex offender check on any new love.. better to be safe than sorry.



  • At Acacia Law Group, we represent defendants statewide in Phoenix, Mesa and Chandler, Arizona. The lawyers on our team are committed to providing you with exceptional service to help you surpass your criminal charge.


  • Steven Taxman is a criminal defense attorney in Santa Rosa, CA and specializes in a number of practice areas, including DUI defense, traffic violations, robbery and theft, domestic violence and sex crimes along with others.


  •            Resources for Private Eyes and Law Enforcement








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